Welcome to 1LS EVENTS, the proud owners and sponsors of The Official Turkey Weekender. The UK’s No.1 longest running international party holiday.

‘Making Moments Matter’ is our motto.

This annual event was launched in 2014, with the intention of creating memory making moments that matter, that includes sunshine, good music, and fun themes. The event has since grown in size and capacity and we only aim to get bigger and better.

The Official Turkey Weekender is where we take care of all your party holiday needs.

Providing you with:

* All-Inclusive deluxe hotel

* Day and night events

* Free transfers to both day and night events

* Parties hosted by some of the biggest UK and international DJs and artists playing the best music and live performances across all genres.

We are the only all-inclusive party holiday and we take tremendous pride in providing you with a holiday and party experience you will never forget.